Book Blurbs

The Ghost in the Blue Dress

R. A. Slone

     Fifteen-year-old Jenna Moores from modern day Indiana struggles with her father’s recent death. Is he at peace? Is there an afterlife? Not long after his passing, a ghost from her childhood returns. When she was a kid, Jenna’s father convinced her that the ghost wasn’t real and that he would always protect her. She believed him. But now he’s gone. And the ghost wasn’t just her imagination. She learns that the ghost has confused her with its lost twin sister. The ghost grows stronger, and its threats move from alienating Jenna from her friends and family—to killing her. She must find the link the ghost has to her and to this world and destroy it before she, too, becomes a ghost.

Boots, Blood, and a Sister’s Love

R. A. Slone

     When thirteen-year-old Briney Miller’s older sister goes missing, she investigates in her sparkly, black ballet flats. After her dog, Wally, tracks her sister’s scent to an abandoned building on Main Street, she finds vampires. But instead of crumbling under fear, Briney fights back by creating her own Vampire Killing Kit and goes shopping for vampires instead of shoes.