Hello! I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I’ve always loved to write. I remember taking pieces of paper, cutting them into squares, and stapling them together to form a small book when I was a kid. The Witch and the Kitty is one book that I remember creating. I didn’t really have a plot, though. I just wrote about a witch that lived in the basement of my home.

For Christmas one year, my parents bought me a Smith Corona typewriter, and I would stay up at night typing away about horses galloping into the sunset. Again, I didn’t really have a story line.

Later, after I grew up and had some life experience, I tried my hand at writing again. This time I started with short stories. One of my short stories was called Picture Girl. It was about a picture of me when I was four years old that was possessed by a ghost. This originated from a nightmare I had when I was in middle school. (It must’ve been scary since I could remember it all these years later.) After a dear friend of mine read the short story, she pushed me to turn it into a book.

So, I wrote a middle and an ending and finished my first novel The Ghost in the Blue Dress. My second novel, Boots, Blood, and a Sister’s Love will be released soon.