Writer’s Workshop


Left to right: Kyra Jacobs, M.L. Rigdon (also Julia Donner), Judi Lynn (also Judith Post), and Les Edgerton

I have to say that I haven’t done much with my writing recently. Too much going on with the day job. But I made it a point to travel to Fort Wayne to attend a free writer’s workshop at the Aboite Library. And I’m glad I did.

I got to listen to area authors share their knowledge about writing, publishing, and marketing. It was one of the most personable and informative workshops I’ve ever attended. I would have paid good money for this information. But I didn’t have to because that’s how these authors are. They are here to help.

Kyra Jacobs writes Fantasy, Suspense, and Sweet Romance. Judi Lynn writes Romance, Urban Fantasy under Judith Post, and is also working on a new Mystery. Les Edgerton writes Crime and Noir along with short stories and poetry. M.L. Rigdon writes YA Fantasy and writes Regency Romance under Julia Donner.

They spoke about their experiences with self-publishing versus traditional publishing. A big point that author Judi Lynn made was no matter who you are published with, you will always have to market yourself.

A point that author M.L. Rigdon made was that you must figure out why you are writing. Is it for yourself? Is it for money? This question will help you figure out how much time and money you are willing to invest in marketing.

Author Kyra Jacobs stated that she prefers traditional publishing to self publishing and said to plan your book release. If you contact a blog, it may take months to get a slot. Plan ahead by 2-3 months.

Les Edgerton also prefers traditional publishing and has an agent in the states and an agent in the UK. He recommended for authors to remember the libraries. If you can get your book into libraries, that will add sales and also help get your name out there. He also teaches a 10-week online writer’s class. For more information, click here.

Each author brought something different and informative to the workshop–too much to post here. Therefore, I highly recommend for you to check out their websites and blogs. Their advice is priceless.






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